Recording Studio

Our recording room is constantly changing and upgrading!  Features include:

Recording SpaceSpacious 8ft by 8ft acoustically treated and soundproof recording booth
AKG 414 (2) Microphone
Rode NTK Tube Microphone w/Telefunken tube
GT AM62 Tube Microphone
LA610 Tube Preamp/EQ/Compressor
ADAM A7 Monitors

Past sound engineering credits include: Jimmy Buffett, Lifehouse, Phillip Phillips, Steve Holy, James Montgomery, Ralphie May, Lenny Clark, and more.

Hourly rate is $35/hour. We also offer the following recording packages:

Karaoke Package – Starting at $30*
We provide a karaoke backtrack (or feel free to bring your own) to your favorite song. We record you singing, add the appropriate effects, and mix and master the final recording, all delivered to you on a CD and high-quality mp3.
*Rate based on the actual recording taking no longer than 30 minutes.

3 Song Acoustic Demo – $150, $100 for contracted students.
We record you singing or playing your instrument, with or without accompaniment. The final product is delivered to you on a CD.

Original Song with full production and arrangement – $100 per song
Play us your song, we”ll work with you on an arrangement, record it, mix and master it. Final product is delivered to you on a CD and high quality mp3.

Don’t forget! We also offer band promo or CD cover shoots with Teresa’s Touch Photography!